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1. Will pheromones work for me??

If you use standard, commercially available pheromone products, there's no guarantee that you'll attract women and have more sexual encounters. That's because some of the commercial formulations available online today have questionable levels of effectiveness. Edge Up Cologne has been formulated using the latest technology to ensure optimized performance, Although optimized pheromones are powerful sexual attractants (even if you don't happen to be physically attractive), you can't expect them to be effective if you have poor hygiene, dress like a slob or have an annoying personality. What optimized pheromones do is give you a critical "edge" which enables you to effortlessly attract women.

2. How long do they last?

PHEROMONES hold up much longer than normal cologne, but if you apply them to the body, quite a bit is washed away or broken down in the first 4-6 hours. Actual breakdown time depends very much on body heat, sweating, and personal body chemistry; so in the winter on your wrists the scent might last much longer, and if it gets onto your clothing, it can last for days or weeks!

3. How and where do I apply pheromones?

For starters, try all the normal perfume spots: wrists, behind the ears, throat, and chest. Next level: inside of elbows and knees if exposed. Women report success applying to ankles and thighs. Requiring more caution but reportedly very effective for pheromones in the right amounts are: arm pits, hair and pubis. Unscented sprays are often applied to clothing collars and cuffs for long term use. Watch out for over-application and staining of fine material.

4. Can I mix pheromones with my own cologne or perfume?

Yes, mixing Edge Up Cologne with cologne or perfume is a great way to use pheromones. We usually recommend you use an unscented pheromone to mix with your current cologne or perfume. Cologne fragrances are generally very complex and adding one scented product to another can lead to unexpected results.

5. How safe are Pheromones?

There are no known side effects from using pheromone products Edge Up Cologne is manufactured under the most stringent standards to ensure that you receive what you paid for.

6. How can I order Edge Up Cologne?

You can order right here on our website Your privacy is one of our biggest concerns so rest assured that all transactions you have with Edge Up Cologne are done securely.

7. What if I feel your product is not working for me?

Each purchase of Edge Up Cologne comes with our ironclad guarantee. You may use the product for 30 days and if you are not satisfied simply return the remaining products and we will refund your purchase immediately.

8. What will appear on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement for this order will appear as "Charm Pros". Any purchases will be discreet and appear ordinary.

9. Can my pheromones package be shipped privately?

Absolutely! We understand that your privacy is important to you and discretion is assured. That's why we ship all of our products in discrete, plain boxes with the return address listed only as "Charm Pros". and with no identifying markings.

10. Why should I buy Edge Up Cologne and not from your competitors?

We have observed and analyzed all pheromone products over the years and found out how often they fall short of expectations. We found out that most pheromone products short-changed customers with the amount of pheromones included in each package. Here at Edge Up Cologne we have discovered the perfect harmony of 7 human pheromones for maximum effect. Then again, we believe in our products effectiveness that we have included an Iron-Clad Guarantee, which makes it risk-free for you to use.