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How It Works

Science has proven…

Sex pheromones of healthy, virile, strong men tend to magnetically attract women as part of human instinct to procreate and maintain our population.

But no two men give off the SAME "scent".

Twelve years of study has proven that buff and attractive guys tend to produce "sweeter" smelling pheromones that attract women in droves compared to the "scent" of men who are out-of shape and not as attractive.

Here at EdgeUp, we give ordinary guys the edge to be on par or do even better than the most attractive of men.

Women will subconsciously catch our pheromone scent over the smell of other colognes, body washes, deodorants, washing detergents, and odors that are already masking your natural pheromone

Obviously, initial attraction is only the first step in attracting your perfect woman.

But imagine the confidence this secret weapon will give you, as pretty women are more eager to talk with you, in a relaxed, and even flirtatious mood.

Blending the most potent pheromone compounds nature has provided, EdgeUp replicates the odorless scent of healthy, handsome and fertile men, to awaken the sexual response instinct of females.